Textile History – Plain Weave, Twill, Satin

A textile is a woven material that is flexible. True to its form, it comes from the Latin word textilis meaning woven. It consists of artificial and/or natural fibers which are called yarn or thread. Creation of yarn in itself is tedious. It is produced through the spinning of raw fibers of cotton, wool, and flax. Scholars suggest that as early as 34,000 BC, there were already evidence of humans utilizing fabrics from the fibers of dyed flax. They were found inside a cave in Georgia and were believed to be some kind of felt fabric. Now the textile industry has evolved into a billion-dollar business where its three main staples are the major stars: satin; plain weave, and twill. Let’s get to know each of them.


Satin came from the medieval Arabic name of Quanzhou which is Zayton. At that time, the port city of Quanzhou is the epicenter of the finest silks in all of China, and perhaps in all of Asia. Medieval Arabs found their way to create a textile using these silks. Nowadays, options in making this textile now include polyester and nylon. Satin is best known for its features of glossy surface and a dull back. To achieve this or if you need circular knitting needles, weavers have to use the technique warp-faced wherein the warp yarns are to be floated over the weft yarns. The warp goes over the wefts, resulting to a very soft surface. It’s of no wonder that this textile is needed in making athletic shorts, nightgowns, evening gowns, neckties, baseball jackets, and blouses.

Plain weave

The most basic among the three textiles, plain weave’s earliest evidence dates back to 27,000 years ago in Dolni Vestonice, Czech Republic. It was incorporated in nets and basketry. To do a plain weave, the weft and warp should be aligned. This will form into a pattern that was accustomed which is criss-cross. The weft should cross the warp thread alternately- over the warp, then proceed to under, and so on (until you finish all thread). A type of weave that most weavers create is the balanced plain weave. Also called “one-up-one-down weave”, the process requires the equal weight of the weft and warp threads. Another type of weave common amongst the creators is a “Basketweave”. In this type, threads (in two’s or more) are grouped, then woven. It wouldn’t be a basketweave of both of its sides look different.


If you happen to notice a textile that showcases a pattern of parallel ribs in a diagonal direction, then you’ve just checked a twill. To make a twill, cross the weft thread over one warp thread (or more). Then, proceed to cross under two (or more) warp threads. The result is a diagonal pattern that’s well recognized by textile lovers everywhere.

There are two sides of a twill- technical face and; technical back. The former is utilized for the visible side since it has a more pronounced pattern. It’s more attractive and more durable. Twills are seen in chinos, tweeds, and denim to name a few.


Home Renovations on a Budget  

Do you get a quiet chaos when you look at the semblance of your home? Is looking at it something that is making you sick? If so, it might be a good idea to change up a bit of your home and whip it into shape with as little money spent as you could. We all know those home renovations Cape Cod can be a little too expensive for us. However, in a true DIY fashion, you can resuscitate your home back to life.   Home Renovations

In the following points, you will learn some home renovation ideas you can do on a budget. The points are in no order so no worries on that one. 

1. Paint a Wall  

You don’t have to repaint your whole interior so that it could look like a spread in a magazine. You can freshen up a look of a space by painting one wall. This will work most especially if your interior paint is more or less in the neutral spectrum of colors. You can then use a splash of bold color to tie up everything. 

2. Light it Up  

A fabulous way to spruce up space and enliven it is to strategically place a couple of light in it. You can work with pretty simple ambient lights like some fairy or string lights. You can also have lights that work well for working area without living a gloomy area in the house.  

3. Charming Character  


Play with what you have and go for the charming mismatched theme. This can be a multifaceted character of a room. Instead of going for the usual chic monochromatic looks why not make the mismatched work and tie up in one chaotic harmonious look. 

4. Go for a Muted Look  

You can decorate a part of your house with muted design or colors. Instead of going for the attention grabbing risque look you can always try the delicate recherche looks and still get the most out of it. There is still charm with designs that is more on the account of the quiet foresight rather than to a loud product.  

5. Bizarre Backsplash  

Another simple way to liven up a room is to add a little eccentric but totally bizarre backsplash to your sink. You can play with the existing theme of the room or create one that is solely centered on the backsplash itself.  

6. Upcycle Furniture  

This is a utopia for the DIY-er at heart. You can visit the local thrift store or go to a yard sale. Select trinkets and furniture that you can up cyle and put inside the eclectic rooms. There are many tutorials available in Youtube and many inspiration waiting in pinterest. It all depends on how willing you are to explore creativity. 

There are many more ideas waiting for you to try them. You don’t have to have a million bucks to make the whole thing work. You just have to have a copious amount of creativity and willingness to try new things and see how the whole thing works. 


What are the Cause and Effect of Water Damages?

Water damages are due to broken tubes and pipes that cause leaks. When we see a leak no matter how small it is we need to make sure to have it repaired right away. Small leaks might cause a bigger damage and might cause flooding.  flooding can cause damage to our house structures from roof, walls, floors, and even our furniture’sSo, having a repair done immediately is reasonable and affordable compare to is damages that it can cause. we always need to make sure to find someone that are well trained and licensed to do job. We need to research on a company that offers all water damage services and more. Someone that we can trust our homes into and to be honest and reliable. 

Water Damages

Are You Experiencing one of the following?  

  • Leaks 
  • Floods 
  • Drips 
  • Sprinkle failures 
  • Sewer problems 

These are some examples of Water Damages and this one we shouldn’t take for granted. Water damage may just start with a minor leak but keep in mind that it might turn into a huge problem. Water damages affects a lot from our floors, carpets, furniture’s etc. not only that after effect may lead to molds and other organisms that might affect our health. And we also have to keep in mind that we should prevent it a soon as we can. And we should hire a professional to solve the problem and avoid this from happening in the future. So, if you find yourself in a water problem always seek for professionals to you stop the problem.  We would have all the best materials to put a stop on this water problem. Water Damage Charlotte will help you evaluate and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Listed below are some of our services offered. 

Service Offered 

  • Evaluate and Inspect the cause and might be a cause of the problem 
  • Drying of things that has been affected 
  • Cleaning services 
  • Disinfecting and Sanitizing 
  • Repair work to restore damaged cause by leak 
  • Furniture, floor and carpet cleaning 

So don’t do stuffs on your own we know that it can be stressful let a professional do the job we are here to provide a 24 hour service for your emergency lets prevent a very small leak to be a big problem for us in the future. Water Damage Charlotte hires fully trained and experienced workers who would guide you every step of the way because we know how hard it is t have a water problem and we got you covered. 

How do our Technicians do it Quick and Easy? 

  • We have the best tools to extract water quickly to avoid further damage 
  • We dry your floors and carpets quickly with all the cleaning and drying techniques that we have 
  • We make sure to restore the damage stuffs as possible and see what can be saved, we do all sorts of repairs 
  • We disinfect to avoid different kinds of bacteria’s due to water leaks and also molds that water causes 

Why you should Invest in a good Outdoor Kitchen

If your house has the space for an outdoor kitchen why not you invest in one. An outdoor kitchen can add value to your home or property. It also faces a lot of weather element so it needs to be a lot stronger than it should. If you want to install and invest in a pretty good outdoor kitchen you need a pretty good company to install it for you, Sarasota outdoor kitchens might be the answer to your prayer.  Outdoor Kitchen

Let us talk about the why you should invest in a good outdoor kitchen. Besides the obvious reason that you’ve got two kitchens.  

1. Entertainment Galore  

A second kitchen one that is outside your home is the perfect place to entertain your guest. It’s the perfect place to relax and mingle with friends. There are a lot of things you can do with an outdoor kitchen, you can cook right beside where you and your friends are. It is a perfect place to show off your property in a subtle way. It is a perfect place to create a memory with everyone.   

2. Smell Outside 

The smells in the kitchen can stick in your home for several days however with an outdoor kitchen you can go crazy and there won’t be so much problem. This is another outdoor kitchen benefit that allows you to have clean good fun with everybody. You can even cook extra portions and share some to your neighbors.  

3. Expand space  

If you do decide to put your kitchen outdoors, you can have more space inside your home. If your house have a lot of space you can have more quality time in them. You also have more space for more important things in your home. You don’t have to give up and sacrifice one thing, you can look and live in style too. Space is important for a growing family.  

4. Family Time  

You can save more in money when it comes to eating out. You don’t have to even go to a restaurant unless you all really want to. You can stay in your yard, you have the beautiful night sky and clean homemade food just for your family. You don’t have to pay thousands just to get quality meal for the family.  

5. Value Increase  

If by some chance you are planning to sell your house, an outdoor kitchen will increase the value of your home. There is also a high chance that prospective buyer will buy your property if you have an outdoor kitchen and dining area thrown into the mix. It isn’t a dead investment at all.  

There are so many things you can have and consider in a high quality outdoor kitchen. However, with the right planning and execution you can achieve that stylish but functional outdoor space. You can take more from the experiences and memories you create and that is more than enough to invest in an outdoor kitchen.